10 Rules Real Men Live By

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Real Man: a man who understands and respect the power of choices. He’s not a slave of his sexual desire and doesn’t wire to chase things that are faster than him. He knows the difference between fantasy and reality; therefore he lives according to his principles.

Nowadays, Many new-adult males self-proclaimed  real men, but when we consciously checked, most are trend riders, while others have no purpose at all. In fact, real men don’t go out there and rant on their abilities; instead they act like gentlemen and let others promote their goodness.

It’s all about character –Think about it! Real men understand that their identity is a compilation of their experiences. They know “who they are” is a reflection of “what they’ve done.” That “what they’ve done” is the telltale sign of their “principles”. And their principles shape who "who they are". That’s why they think twice, but act spontaneously. And that’s the main reason why they are bold but controlling.
Here are 10 rules they follow.

1-They have a complex, a motive. They are driven by a rational passion, something that gives a meaning to their lives.

2.-They are confident, and they don’t seek others approval. They validate themselves and defend their beliefs.

3.-They take care and admire their family. They protect and respect women.

4.-They are original and never dress trendy. They understand that trends are for boys, not for men.

5.-They respect their friends wife, and consider her like their sister –no sexual feeling allowed.

6.-They know the difference between earning trust and building bad friendship.

7.-They don’t compare their lives to others. They change their lives if they don’t like it.

8.-They never badmouth other people. They don’t have times for that.

9.-They take care of their responsibilities and do their job well.

10.-They live with integrity.  

What other principles you think a real man should follow.